A combination between grey and beige – greige may honestly be the most lackluster color there is.  But for me, a greige palette signifies a great day to take out my camera (or iPhone until I can replace my cameras) and paint the town!  The lighting on an overcast day is not too bright, and not too dull. … More Greige

Hudson Woods

Just two hours north of the city, is a beautiful model home that resembles something out of a dream.  By far, my favorite weekend of 2014 was the one with my trip to Hudson Woods. Designed to be an escape from the city, Hudson Woods offers houses ‘upstate’ with  a slew of the coolest add ons you … More Hudson Woods

Head in the Clouds

I’ve always been a day dreamer.  I am fascinated with the sky and the clouds, and I don’t know how else to describe their natural beauty by using anything other than the word ‘magic’.  It sounds lame, and I have drafted this post so many times, gagged a bit, deleted it, and restarted.  So instead of sapping … More Head in the Clouds

Autumn in Pennsylvania

  I am moving chronologically backwards through time with my posts.  But hey, it’s still technically fall even if the colorful leaves pictured below would now be found strewn across the ground. One Sunday in October, my boyfriend and I took a drive to visit a former professor of his in semi-rural Pennsylvania.  I say “semi-rural” … More Autumn in Pennsylvania