We all have our happy place. That place whether real or imaginary that we travel back to in our minds when we need a mental escape. Mine is a ranch home in Tehachapi, California. Situated amidst mountains, the ranch is full of hiking trails and 360 degree views. The ranch is also home to mules Delilah and … More Tehachapi

Road Trippin’

Growing up on the East coast, terrain is not something I have become accustomed to. When I took a scenic road trip in California, I couldn’t help but be baffled by the ever-changing landscape. It seemed like almost every ten minutes on the road, I was looking at something brand new again. It was a … More Road Trippin’

Long Beach

  It’s so easy to put things down. To walk away from something accidentally – be it friends, hobbies, working out, blogging. Routine in general is difficult to obtain. Once you’re in a routine that’s a different story, but setting out with the intention of doing something, and doing it repeatedly, well, that’s hard. My … More Long Beach

Hudson Woods

Just two hours north of the city, is a beautiful model home that resembles something out of a dream.  By far, my favorite weekend of 2014 was the one with my trip to Hudson Woods. Designed to be an escape from the city, Hudson Woods offers houses ‘upstate’ with  a slew of the coolest add ons you … More Hudson Woods

Autumn in Pennsylvania

  I am moving chronologically backwards through time with my posts.  But hey, it’s still technically fall even if the colorful leaves pictured below would now be found strewn across the ground. One Sunday in October, my boyfriend and I took a drive to visit a former professor of his in semi-rural Pennsylvania.  I say “semi-rural” … More Autumn in Pennsylvania

California Dreamin

I just returned from a work trip to Los Angeles, and I definitely feel a palpable difference between east coast and west coast mentalities.  I think it has something to do with the perpetual sunshine, or the fact that the water makes such damn good sourdough bread (though my gluten free self cannot indulge).  The … More California Dreamin