We all have our happy place. That place whether real or imaginary that we travel back to in our minds when we need a mental escape. Mine is a ranch home in Tehachapi, California. Situated amidst mountains, the ranch is full of hiking trails and 360 degree views. The ranch is also home to mules Delilah and Abigail, a horse named Root Beer, and a handful of outdoor dogs all ready to join you in whatever your outdoor excursions may be.

Beyond the physical space of the ranch, there’s something magical about it all. Maybe it’s the fact that cell service completely disappears there and you’re forced to live in the moment. Maybe it’s the way the ranch house is decorated, like a time capsule of 1970’s hunter’s lodge. Maybe it’s the mountainous air that makes even breathing seem like a delight.

I’m fortunate enough to have been able to travel to my happy place twice in my life. The first time was during a road trip back in college and the stop at this ranch was by far the highlight of that California trip. The second time was just a few months ago – and was the reason for the mini road trip documented in my last post. Unfortunately, my friend’s grandmother who is the badass lady who lived at this ranch just sold it. It’s a sad feeling knowing that I won’t be physically traveling back to my happy place, but luckily for me, I’ll always have it as a mental escape.



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