Digital Geo Series

As a creative person, I often find myself pulled in many different artistic directions, all of which seem like perfectly good options at the time until I realize that I have sixteen projects pending, and not a single one completed. Recently, I decided that enough was enough, and I sat down with the intention of just playing around with some photographs I’ve taken.

Inspired by the landscapes and the mountains from my recent California trip, I took some of my photographs and made them into new compositions. I have always been drawn to geometric forms, and I wanted to find a way to combine a very digital and geometric aesthetic with a soft landscape. I started with the first image below, creating shapes from the actual photograph itself and then overlaying them to create the below effect.

The process has been pretty organic and has inspired me to take a look though my own photo library and find landscapes and images to alter. My plan is to continue the series and keep pushing myself to do new and different ideas. Below are the first four images from the series, hopefully with many more to come.








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