Long Beach


It’s so easy to put things down. To walk away from something accidentally – be it friends, hobbies, working out, blogging. Routine in general is difficult to obtain. Once you’re in a routine that’s a different story, but setting out with the intention of doing something, and doing it repeatedly, well, that’s hard.

My last blog post was over a year ago. But like an old friend that you rarely see, sometimes when you go to pick something back up it’s almost like you never left.

After experiencing the toughest year of my life, I needed to do exactly that – A) go and visit old friends that you rarely see, and B) restart and maintain a routine. To clear my head and to go and visit one of my absolute best friends I traveled out to Long Beach, California.

I spent my days very independently, trying to break free of the routine I had created in New York and gave myself a totally blank slate. I was adventuring on the beach, exploring on the awesome bike pictured below, vintage shopping, hanging out at coffee shops, and chillin’ with the hilariously pictured bulldog, Dumptruck.

It was extremely refreshing, both physically and mentally and was exactly what I needed to regain some balance.



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