Feels Like Home

The Free People Home Office is a whimsical place. Based in Philadelphia’s Navy Yard, it is a mecca for the ethereal. It’s a tough feeling to explain – the ‘Free People essence’.  I first established this indescript emotion during my very first visit to the King of Prussia Free People store, I must have been about twelve. The carpet was green and shaggy, almost like cartoon grass, and the dressing rooms were draped with neon pink, green and blue patchwork fabrics. There were beautifully upholstered benches, mandala painted murals, and I felt like I was somehow in a dream palace that I didn’t even know I had dreamt about. But somehow it seemed like something out of my own imagination.

Flash forward about eight years, and I am employed by the company working as a stylist at a new location on Walnut Street in Philadelphia. Maybe it’s because I started working in the Spring and Spring is my absolute favorite season, but that that palpable emotion I experienced during my first visit to the KOP store  stayed with me during my almost year long tenure on Walnut Street. Even in showing up for work, the magic of Free People was still present.

Flash forward another four years, and now I am visiting the Home Office. It isn’t my first trip, but yet I still experience the same indescribable Free People feeling. It feels like Spring, both in decor and in mood. The whimsy of the brand is absolutely translated into every aspect of the office, and it feels like home.









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