Hudson Woods

Just two hours north of the city, is a beautiful model home that resembles something out of a dream.  By far, my favorite weekend of 2014 was the one with my trip to Hudson Woods.

Designed to be an escape from the city, Hudson Woods offers houses ‘upstate’ with  a slew of the coolest add ons you can imagine.  Some of which include but are not limited to – a pool (pictured below), a custom wooden pantry, natural wooden dart boards (lots of wooden options!) a vegetable garden, someone to personally tend to said vegetable garden, and even a tree house.  You can literally order a tree house to accompany your home.

While I never quite was able to stifle the excitement I felt while visiting the model home, I was able to capture some of the excitement in the photos below.  Until next time Hudson Woods – I’ll be back one day and hopefully with enough saved to stick around!

IMG_4282 IMG_4280 IMG_4276 IMG_4275 IMG_4274IMG_4288IMG_4292IMG_4286 IMG_4283


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