Square Space


Sometimes I feel like a tourist in my own city.  When I stop at a crosswalk to snap a shot of the Empire State Building, or when I “pull over” to the side of the sidewalk to get a view of the Chrysler Building and people start glaring or rolling their eyes, I simply think to myself that I don’t ever want to reach the point where I no longer find beauty in my every day surroundings.

Lately, I’ve been super inspired by the sheer number of buildings, the vast rectangular and square forms that fill up the skyline.  I’ve been snapping photos left and right of the architecture and noticing that every street and every block on every street boasts a different view.  Here are a couple of my favorite city blocked photos I’ve snapped – probably whilst enduring a few “she must be a tourist” glares.  But you know what, I’m not a tourist anymore!



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